I started Get Up and Get Out With Gene and this journey of bettering myself and helping others when I was introduced to a healthy way of living with IDLifeHealthy Simplified,  in August of 2016. Being a full-time musician and a family man always on the go, I realized that my health is important to me and that I wanted to be the best version of myself. This has inspired me to help as many people as I can to also lead a healthy life and to Get Up and Get Out.


Well, you have inspired me, lol. Today is my fourth day just drinking my protein shake twice then eating one meal at night. No coffee for four days ( that one is hard ). And I’ve exercised, my legs are actually sore. thx for the inspiration, we all need a little push now and then.

Robin S.

In these uncertain times, where many are fearful of the future, it is sometimes difficult to see the beauty in life. This attitude can be overwhelming, but thanks to your live posts, as well as your many positive comments, I am reminded of the wonderful people in this world! Gene, please keep on doing what you are doing!  Your optimism is a source of strength for many. I thank you and wish you well!

Eddie B.

Keep rocking, stay consistent and keep reaching people. They need you. So many people need inspiration to guide them and you offer that in music and in your daily pick me up videos. Never quit and keep striving! Thanks Gene!

Tracey S.

I know its scary and maybe sometimes you think the good you are doing isn’t going anywhere, but I watch your videos each time I see one just because you have a way of making me feel some form of normalcy. I appreciate what you are doing my friend!

Jesse S.

I just want to let you know that your videos are great and that they really have an effect on me to be a better person and get up and get out more. I didn’t use to be the best person. But, trying to change that. I think its great what you’re doing and love your music.  Still have that CD you gave me at grandma Ruby’s funeral. Jam it all the time. If you don’t mind I’m gonna tell some people about your videos. I think it will help them as well. I have a lot more to say but ill stop now…lol.

Josh M.

I have been following Gene since he began this journey and I have been inspired and motivated by his determination, the message of hope, strength and owning it he conveys. He has helped to inspire me to go for my own dreams to aim higher, let go of self doubt!! He has also inspired me to literally get up and get out much more often, I sit all day working, it has taken a bit of a toll on my energy level as well as my body, through Gene’s messages, encouragement and watching his success I have gotten off of my butt, stepped out of my comfort zone and I am beginning to see my own success! My goals are not so far away now!! Thank you Gene for putting yourself out there and being a huge inspiration !!


Felicia G.


Straight from the coast of North Carolina is the acoustic music of Gene Gregory. You may have even seen him on the HBO series, ‘Eastbound and Down



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